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7 Quick Ways To Get More Referrals
    Everyone wants to learn how to get more referrals for their practice.  And I really can't blame them.  There is no less expensive way to get new patients - your current patients refer other patients to you, so in fact they're your salesperson (without getting paid, of course).

    But it's not just the fact that you get more patients less expensively that turns so many doctors on, but also the quality of the patients.  Patients who are referred to you by others tend to by "nicer."  They don't give you a hard time, and don't question every single recommendation you give them.

    This is because, in a way, you already have a relationship with them.  Actually, you're relationship is with the person who referred them, but since they took that recommendation, they don't see you as a guy who has to prove himself, but rather as an expert.

    So since so many doctors want to get as many referrals as possible, here are 7 quick strategies for getting more referrals . . .

    1) Place signs in your office - Sounds pretty simple, doesn't it?  But it works.  Just place 4 to 6 8.5"x11" signs around your office (waiting room, adjusting room, etc.) with the phrase "We Are Now Accepting Referrals," "The Greatest Compliment We Can Receive Is You Referring Your Family and Friends To Us," or something of that nature.  The phrase should take up the whole page, and no graphics are required.  You can use your computer and printer to make the signs.  This 5-minute project increased one doctor's referrals by 20%!

    2) Mail a letter - Send a letter to your patients asking them to refer others to you.  The letter should be on the lines of that you are sending this letter to your patient because you think he is one of your favorite patients, that you know that people tend to associate with people like them, and if he can refer others who are like him to you.

    3) Refer others to get referrals - Just like you love to get referrals, all business owners love getting them as well.  So why don't you refer your friends and patients who are looking for a dry cleaner, insurance rep, travel agent, etc. to your current patients.  An excellent way to do this would be to have a business card directory where your patients would leave their business cards in, and other patients can search when they are looking for a service.  And every time one of your patients gets a referral through you, they'll go out of their way to thank you by referring others to you as well.

    4) Send a thank you gift - It doesn't have to be anything expensive or fancy.  A box of candy, movie tickets, or dinner certificates to a local restaurant, or even a thank you card will work wonders in letting your patients know how much you appreciate that they referred others to you.  This strategy is an excellent way to ensure that a patient who refers to you once, will refer many more times in the future.  You might even want to get these movie tickets, dinner certificates, or whatever thank you gift you use, in bulk.  This way it will cost you much less. 

  5) Hold patient appreciation days - Hold a patient appreciation day where you give free exams and adjustments to current patients.  Also have food and refreshments on hand, as well as gifts (promotional shirts, caps, etc. can have the benefit of being both a gift, and an advertising tool).  You want to have the atmosphere of a party, where everyone has fun.  Tell your patients to bring friends and family members with them, and that you'll have a free exam for them as well.  With this, you can have plenty of new people in your doors.  Some doctors get as much as 30 or 40 new patients from every patient appreciation day they put on!

    6) Ask for referrals - Yeah, I know.  It sounds too basic, but asking for referrals is an excellent way to get them.  The best time to ask for a referral is when emotions are running high, such as when your patient tells you about the wonderful results they've gotten from you.  At this point you would ask them if they know any others who you can deliver the same quality care to, as you did with them.  Naturally, your patients will be much more likely provide referrals at this point, because they themselves admitted to how great your care was.

    7) Do a promotion with a non-profit organization - Find a non-profit organization which has plenty of members, members whom you would like as patients.  Contact them and offer to do a fundraiser with them, where they would tell all their members about a special deal where they can go to you and get an exam for X dollars.  All proceeds from the exams will go to the non-profit organization.  Even though you won't make anything from the front-end (the exam), many of the people will need chiropractic care, and will choose you as their chiropractor because they saw how you supported their organization.

    I hope that some of the ideas I shared with you prove helpful.  Just remember, there's no way any of them will work for you unless you implement them! 
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